Why work at Legends of the Moon? 

the Environment

Few jobs opportunities allow you to spend the summer in the most famous park in Vancouver. Our customers are always commenting on how lucky we are to be working in this beautiful environment during the busiest time of the year. If you enjoy the outdoors and can't stand to be stuck working in a mall or in a ticket booth, Stanley Park might just be the place for you.

the Management

Our management team has 70+ years of combined retail experience, including consulting projects for various well-known tourist destinations in Vancouver. The team is professional and personable. We treat our staff with respect and provide them with the necessary tools, authority, and support to make everything run smoothly. Our everyday operation combines the feel of a small business with the ideals of a large corporation. We strive for reliable and consistent company standards while providing flexibility and a personable atmosphere. We don't micromanage!

the Staff

We are proud of our excellent team! Our core staff members all have several years of experience working at Legends. Being used to a fast-paced environment, we are knowledgeable and work well as a team.

the Job

We give our staff a lot of personal freedom and authority. We believe in our staff taking the initiative on required tasks and contribute to the store however they can. You will find working at Legends quick paced and never boring. The sheer variety of different tasks you can do makes your day fly by. Working schedules are also released one whole month at a time (not weekly), giving you plenty of opportunity to plan ahead.

the Customers 

If you enjoy interacting with visitors from all over the world, you'll enjoy working with us. Visitors to the park are seldom in a foul mood, and are eager to share their Canadian travel experiences.

the Experience

You'll catch a glimpse of one of British Columbia's most important industries – tourism. Cash handling, customer service, personal selling, inventory, and even drink preparation are all very useful and unique skills to have. You'll also learn interesting facts about First Nations' arts and lore, and gain insight into on how Vancouver's tourism industry works.


Do you have what it takes?

Being a part of the Legends' team isn't for the faint of heart. The summer season can generally be characterized as busy and sometimes hectic, so an energetic and enthusiastic character is a must! (Don't worry, there are slow times too!). If you are friendly, easy-going, and someone who likes to take the initiative, Legends of the Moon might be the place for you!