Featured Artist

Anvil Island (Jack Willoughby)

Born in Newport News, Virginia, spent part of his youth in California and now lives on Vancouver Island where the ocean beaches give him much of his inspiration. Jack's career as an artist began in steel working, then teaching metal work at a Vancouver college, where the freedom to create his own designs soon turned to a full time job. Jack's unique ironwork sells out at international garden shows and can be found in art galleries, gift shops and private homes throughout North America, Europe and Japan. The strength and simplicity of his work makes it equally at home in the house or outside in the garden.

Barbara Williams

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Tribe Nitinhat band (just north from Port Albernie). I am the 4th generation female totem pole carver - learning from my brothers, sisters and father - all tradition carvings and colours used on my totem poles. I started carving in 1978 in Victoria. I was born into a family of seven brothers and three sisters (11 in total), nine of which carved.

Jack Stogan

Musqueam Band of Vancouver. With over 25 years of experience in wood carving, Jack's unique carving style has been greatly influenced by Joe Becker, a master carver. Jack's carvings can be found in collections throughout the world. In addition to his passion for wood carving, Jack enjoys fishing.

Tony Yelton

Born in 1959 into the Squamish Nation of the Salish people at Capilano in North Vancouver, BC. The Eagle, known as a symbol of prestige, power, peace and friendship, is his family crest. Tony began carving at 17, as he was inspired by watching elders carve. Tony  cites Floyd Joseph, Marving Baker and his father Mike Yelton as his teachers. Tony prefers to work exclusively in wood.

Les Harper

Born in Vanderhoof, BC - as a member of the Carrier Nation. Located in the northern coastal region of BC, the Carrier Nation was formed by a band of woman who carried the remains of the deceased spouses with them at all times for luck and protection. The predominant crest figure of the Harper family is the Frog which represents luck, prosperity and stability. Les began to carve in cedar at a very young age under the guidance of his uncle, Doug, Charlie and Glen Harper, all noted carvers.

Rod Smith - Galuyagami

Rod is a Kwaguilth artist with roots in Campbell River and Rviers Inlet (Oweekeno Village). He was born in 1966 in Vancouver, BC and started carving in 1992 under the tutelage of his father, Harris Smith. Wood is Rod's medium of choice. He has created many beautiful pieces in red and yellow cedar, alder and maple woods. His work is sought out and collected extensively around the world. Influenced mainly by his father, the late extremely renowned, Harris, and his brother Steve, as well as the Old Masters. Rod's style incorporates new ideas with a strong flavour of the past; with the hope of creating contemporary art pieces for everyone to enjoy. Rod is married and now lives with his family on Vancouver Island.

Boogie Beach

Originally from Manitoba, Canada. Jason Pelletier is a talented Metis artisan who owns a small wood work factory. He hires local craftspeople who would dig up old growth stumps and repurpose them into beautiful, affordable works of art. Most creations are made from local, indigenous wood including Maple, Douglas Fir, Pine and Cedar.

First Nations Symbols


Represents friendship and is one of the most prevalent figures in crest and shamanic art as well as in myths. It is considered to be a close relation of humankind, perhaps because of physical characteristics such as size, appearance and expression, behaviours such as standing on two bind legs, gathering plants and berries, fishing and nurturing young. He is the teacher of legends of dances. The Bear is often depicted with a wide mouth, lips and teeth; a short, flat broad snout, short squared ears, ovoid eyes; large clawed feet. The tongue is sometimes protruding, extending downwards.


Often depicted in legends of being wise, patient and determined. Beaver showered the people how to cut down trees and how to build houses. Beaver is a skilled craftsman, very careful and clean. Although Beaver has ears and rounded nostrils, the two most identifying features are the tail and the tow large incisor teeth.


Symbol of great strength, power and prestige. Eagle is one of the most important being in the art and mythology. It is respected for its intelligence and power, as well as its extraordinary vision, in both literal and figurative senses. Eagle clan families are traditionally the most prominent, and Eagle chiefs the most powerful. Eagle down is a symbol of peace and friendship and sprinkled before guests in welcome dances and other ceremonial occasions. Eagle's beak is considerably shorter than that of Raven and terminates in a strong downward curve.


Represents guardianship, and is the voice of the people. It symbolizes innocence, stability and communication. Frog is respected for his knowledge, adaptability, ability to move and inhabit both natural and supernatural worlds. Frog is a powerful spirit that brings good fortune.


Represetns joy and is an important member of the sacred wheel of life. Hummingbird is the joyful messenger of healing. When a hummingbird appears during a period of pain and sorrow, healing will soon follow. Hummingbirds nest in the unruly hair of Dzunuk'wa, the Wild Woman of the Woods and fly around her as she walks through the forests. She is the guardian of the forest creatures and the protector of the Hummingbird.


"Lord of the Ocean", generally symbolizes long life. He is the traveller and guardian of the seas and is a symbol of good luck. He represetns stength and bravery. It was a common belief that should a fisherman drown, his spirits would return in the guise of a whale.


Raven is one of the most important beings in Northwest Coast art and mythology, although the nature of of his role varies from one culture to the next, and his prominence diminishes from north to south. To the Haida, Tlingit and Tsimshian, Raven is the original organiser, Trickster, Transformer, teacher, catalyst and chief spirit. He is also a relentless schemer and practical joker, lustful, impulsive, cunning, shameless and without remorse. Raven put the sun, moon, and the starts into the sky, the fish in the river and sea, and food onto the land. Raven is characterized by a strong, straight, tapering beak, sometimes very slightly curved or squared at the tip.


Is the illustrious ancestor of many prominent human lineages and a proud, powerful and noble being in the myths throughout the Northwest Coast. It is a giant, supernatural bird, named for his habit of causing thunder and lightning. He is large and strong enough to hunt killerwhales. Thunderbird exhibits a powerful hooked beak; prominent, often curly ears; large legs and outstretched wings.


Symbol of strength, sunning and 'the Hunter, and are believed to have the greatest supernatural powers. They are see as deceased hunters and ancestors. Wolf is also a land manifestation of the killerwhale. The wolf is identified by its long snout, ears and lots of teeth. Very family oriented, wolves mate for life and share all responsibility equally.